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Are you looking for Wiper Blades for your vehicle?


Wiper blades are responsible for clearing dust, snow, rain, and debris present on your car’s windscreen, and giving motorists a clear view while driving. But the blades might go through certain damages and wear over time. Therefore, it is highly advisable to get a wiper blade replacement from time to time to avoid such issues.

What is a wiper blade replacement?

If you hear any clattering sounds or notice a vague wiper blade motion on the windscreen, you should get your wiper blades replaced immediately. Any discrepancies inside your vehicle’s blades like a burnt-out wiper motor fuse, or substantial obstruction and overloading on the blades can result in blade failure.


    Need a quick solution? Drive to AAA Tyres, and our professionals will provide your vehicle with a wiper blades replacement Manchester at competitive prices.

    We can certainly also look after other parts of the windscreen wiper system like the wiper motor, wiper pivot nuts etc.

    Reasons for windscreen wiper failure

  • Worn out rubber
  • In case the rubber present on your wiper blade edges has worn out, the windscreen wipers will no longer be able to make direct contact with the windscreen. This can prevent the wiper blades from cleaning the windscreen.

  • Bent wiper frames
  • If the metal frame of the wiper is bent, it will not be able to make proper contact with the windscreen, and leave scattered debris on the surface.

  • Motor failure
  • The wiper blade motor is an electrical component, likely to get short-circuited due to the varying driving conditions it has to face. This can result in complete failure of the wiper blades. In such cases, the wiper motor needs changing as soon as possible.

  • Loose pivot nuts
  • If the pivot nuts connected to wiper arm to the motor. If they are loose, the motor might move the pivot, but the wipers won’t move properly.

    When should I get a wiper blade replacement?

  • Visibility issues
  • A majority of motorists face issues with the wiper blades not being able to clear the dust, snow, and water from the windscreen. Such situations result in reduced visibility, and consequently, accidents. Therefore, you should drive to AAA Tyres to get the best wiper blades replacement Droylsden, Manchester.

  • Routine checks
  • It is vital to inspect the wiper blades after every 6 to 12 months, or before the onset of a new season. Check your wiper blades for worn-out rubber, motor failures, and other damages, etc. If found, get a replacement to avoid facing issues while driving. If you are not sure, please come to see us, and we will have a look for you.

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