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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?


A majority of motorists face issues with their vehicles like loss of steering control, uneven tyre wear, and skidding on slippery surfaces. Usually, it is because of wheel imbalance. Impacts from bumps, kerbs and potholes leads to unbalancing of wheels as well. This degrades the overall driving comfort and also increases the fuel consumption of the vehicle.

Need a quick solution? Drive to AAA Tyres, and our team of professionals will inspect your car’s wheels for any imbalance and alignment issues if necessary

What is wheel balancing?

Wheel balancing refers to correcting the uneven weight distribution in the wheels with the help of advanced technology. We place the wheel on a computerised balancer which spins it at high speeds. Once the wheel spins at an adequate speed, the balancer determines the exact location and magnitude of the imbalance. Finally, experts add or remove weights to counter-balance your car’s wheels.

    Wheel balancing Manchester at our workshop is quick and reliable. Our experts are experienced and perform efficiently so that you can drive without worrying about your safety.

    Reasons for Wheel Imbalance

  • Poor Driving Conditions
  • Driving through kerbs (you touch or hit kerbs/sidewalks but drive through potholes), potholes, or sidewalks at higher speeds can disturb the suspension linkages of your car. This can further result in wheel imbalance and loss of control, especially on slippery roads.

  • Untimely Service
  • You should take your car for regular check-ups in order to detect damages of the wheels and tyres on time and get the wheel balancing done if needed. Imbalanced wheels can cause further damage to other vehicle components and cause replacement costs.

  • Accidents on the Road
  • Should a vehicle have an accident or collision, its wheels are likely to get bent, distorted, misaligned or imbalanced. In such a scenario, the wheels should be given as much importance as the car body or engine.

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