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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?


The wheels of your car are set at particular angles to bring out the best driving experience. For instance, camber is the wheel’s vertical angle, when viewed from the car’s front. The wheel is kept perpendicular to the ground and the camber set to 0°, to bear the entire load of the car and its passengers. Toe is the deviation of the wheel when viewed from the top. It establishes a firm control on roads. And the caster ensures an effective steering response; it is measured between the steering axis and the wheel’s centre.

With regular usage, these angles might get disturbed. This results in a misaligned wheel. Such a wheel can pose various inconveniences like tyre wear or loss of control. A wheel can also get misaligned after an accident.

    What is Wheel Alignment?

    The process of rectifying the angles of the wheels is called Wheel alignment . The purpose of a wheel alignment is to set the camber, caster, and toe angles of your vehicle’s wheel, so you can drive in a straight path without losing control of the steering.

    Experts recommend getting a four-wheel alignment for your SUVs and 4x4 vehicles, and 2-wheel alignment for hatchbacks, crossovers, etc.

    Risks of Driving on Misaligned Wheels

    • Reduced braking performance
    • Reduced fuel-efficiency
    • Damage to other car components, resulting in expensive repairs
    • The premature and abnormal wearing of tyres
    • Squeaking of tyres while driving
    • Car pulling towards one side of the road

    Causes of Wheel Misalignment

  • Irregular Maintenance
  • It is important to get the wheels regularly checked like other car components. Irregular maintenance often results in misaligned wheels.

  • Minor Accidents on Road
  • When hitting a kerb, a stone, or even colliding with another vehicle, the car transfers a major part of the impact on the wheels and the tyres. It is because they carry the entire load and experience the greatest momentum. The result is often a shaky wheel hub with a misaligned tyre.

  • Modification of Car’s Height
  • People sometimes modify the size of the wheels and tyres to enhance the overall look and/or performance of the car. Height alteration can create problems in the suspension system. This can also change the angles at which the wheels are attached, thus causing incorrect wheel alignment.

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