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Are you looking for TPMS Replacement for your vehicle?


A Tyre pressure monitoring system or TPMS in your vehicle is responsible for warning you about inadequate tyre pressure and flat tyres. It is an advanced computerised system that utilises wheel-based sensors to alert you via a yellow warning light on the dashboard. In case the TPMS system starts to malfunction, it can cause issues like incorrect warnings and signals, even if the tyres are in proper condition.

What is a TPMS replacement?

If you feel that your car's TPMS is not functioning adequately, you should get it checked, and replaced if necessary, by our professionals. We understand the importance of the tyre pressure for your safety. Therefore, our experts only use the latest technology when connecting with your car's computer system and TPMS sensors to determine the faults in the sensor batteries and connection to the dashboard light. A faulty TPMS system might warn you about low pressure and punctures despite proper working conditions. Drive to AAA Tyres, and get a brand new TPMS system installed at considerable prices.

    Advantages of TPMS

  • Safety First!
  • A Tyre Pressure Monitoring System helps drivers to control the air pressure in the tyres. Any loss of tyre pressure/low inflation etc. can be detected earlier so more severe damage to tyres and wheels can be avoided. Driving a vehicle with run-flat tyres is only allowed with a TPMS system installed in the car as the driver would otherwise not even notice a flat tyre and keep on driving.

    As soon as the TPMS warning light is showing on your dashboard, you should stop and have a good look at your car's tyre(s).

  • Fully Automated
  • TPMS is an advanced method of detecting the pressure inside your car's tyre rather than utilising a manual pressure gauge. This also saves you from having to visit an auto-garage or stop at a petrol station if you don't own a pressure gauge.

    Reasons for TPMS Failure

  • End of service life
  • The batteries of a TPMS have a service life of about 5-7 years.
  • Extreme Temperatures
  • Driving in extremely cold or hot temperatures effects and sometimes damages the TPMS sensor coils and transmission. This can further result in unnecessary illumination of the TPMS warning light on the dashboard.

    Symptoms of TPMS Failure

  • Yellow warning light on the dashboard even after the proper tyre inflation
  • Incorrect warnings about a flat tyre
  • TPMS light does not turn off despite checking the car tyre
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