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Are you looking for Brake Services for your vehicle?


The Braking system plays an important role in maintaining safety while driving. Inefficient braking systems can lead to accidents. The braking system mainly consists of brake discs and brake pads that work in coordination with the brake rotors, to offer efficient stopping. The brake discs are also responsible for eliminating the heat and saving the brake pads from high temperatures. AAA Tyres offer efficient brake repair Manchester, Droylsden for your vehicle in the shortest time possible.

What is a Brake Repair?

Brake repair deals with replacing your car’s brake pads and discs, to ensure smooth pedal movements and accurate braking distance. You should never ignore problems in the braking system, and get them checked as soon as possible.

    What happens when you drive with a poor braking system?

  • Noises from rotors and brake pads when brakes are applied
  • Increased expenses on frequent brake repairs
  • Inefficient braking can lead to a collision with other vehicles on the road, jeopardising your safety
  • Your vehicle can fail an MOT test as the efficient working of brakes is one of the main factors for passing the test
  • Reasons for Damage in Car’s Brakes

  • Driving on Difficult Terrains
  • When you drive over wet and muddy terrains, the mud gets stuck on the brake pads. The brake pads, in turn, are unable to grip the discs properly to slow or stop their rotation. This may result in skidding and inefficient braking. Also, at high speeds, mud on brake pads has an abrasive effect, which causes faster disc and brake pad wear.

  • Overheating of Brake Pads
  • The brake pads lose their performance due to overheating. It is because, under the effect of heat, brake pads harden and become brittle. They, therefore, get broken after a certain time or when applied suddenly.

  • Damages in Brake Discs
  • After a certain time and usage, the brake discs wear out. The vehicle loses its braking performance in this case. Hence, it is important to repair or replace the brake discs if you experience any problem in applying brakes.

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